The time has come!
 The builders want the new PC strand –10WPS

What is the new PC strand 10WPS?

It increases the prestressing tension
To 30%

It has TWICE higher bond strength with concrete

It is 10% lighter with the same aggregate strength

10WPS is ten wire steel strand to use in prestressed concrete elements

It has the highest bond to the concrete among all 3-wire and 7-wire PC strands because of unique geometry.

It was developed by Russian engineers and it is currently being produced in small trial batches.

In many specialists’ opinion, once put into industrial scale production, it will replace all existing pretensioning strands on the market.

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10-wire strand - reducing the amount of prestressing steel and cement

The PC strands’ demand is constantly growing. I has increased from 1 to 6 mil tons a year in in the past few years. It may reach 20mln tons a year prognostically. The current confirmed demand for 10WPS already surpasses estimated output several-fold.

The high demand is supported by implementation of extruders, slipformers and vibroformers at the precast concrete plants for manufacture of hollowcore slabs, girders and other prestressed elements of buildings and structures

Benefit for consumers using 10WPS:

Productivity increasing without any reconstruction:

- Time keeping decrease in production of prestressed elements

- Eliminating strand slippage defects

Confirmed cost advantage is more than 40% from each ton of 10WPS strand

- Decrease of cement consumption

- Decrease of steel consumption

- Use of cheap inert aggregates

The expert opinions:

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